Fan Guide

What makes harness racing great is the wide range of opportunities to get into the sport. From betting to owning to driving to riding, Standardbreds and harness racing truly offer something for everyone.

Get in the Zone

The Harness Racing FanZone is the first place to visit to see all that is great about harness racing. There are stories about the stars of the sport—both human and equine—as well as news and notes on people that are doing fantastic things in racing.

Own a Racehorse

Where else can you own your own sports franchise without being a billionaire? In harness racing, it only takes a minimal investment to have even more reasons to go to the track. Go from watching in the grandstand to smiling in the winner’s circle.

Get in the Driver's Seat

While those drivers you see on the track are seasoned professionals, that doesn’t mean that there is no room for everyone else to take the reins and start driving. There are several circuits in the U.S. and Canada for "amateur" drivers that want you to join them. By day they are doctors, lawyers, truck drivers and business owners, but under the lights they don their racing colors and hit the track. The USTA also hosts an annual Driving School where anyone can learn to be a driver.

Get in the Saddle

Name a horse sport, and a Standardbred can do it. They are just as athletic under saddle as they are pulling a racebike, so whether you are into dressage, endurance, western or roadster, give a Standardbred a try. Visit to find out more.

For the Kids

There are several programs around the country for kids to get involved, too. The Harness Horse Youth Foundation hosts a series of camps each summer for kids of all ages to learn to care for and drive horses.